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IEVref:901-06-01ID: 901-06-01
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: harmonized standards, pl
Synonym1: equivalent standards, pl
Definition: standards on the same subject approved by different standardizing bodies, that establish interchangeability of products, processes and services, or mutual understanding of test results or information provided according to these standards

Note 1 to entry: Within this definition, harmonized standards might have differences in presentation and even in substance, e.g. in explanatory notes, guidance on how to fulfil the requirements of the standard, preferences for alternatives and varieties.

Note 2 to entry: Technical regulations can be harmonized like standards. Corresponding terms and definitions are obtained by replacing “standards” by “technical regulations” in the definitions IEV 901-06-01 to IEV 901-06-09, and “standardizing bodies” by “authorities” in definition IEV 901-06-01.

Publication date:2013-11
Source:ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004, 6.1, modified – The note from the title of Clause 6 in ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004 has been added to the entry.
Internal notes:2017-05-31: Prefix "IEV " added before the IEV cross-references. JGO
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Domain2:Harmonization and implementation of normative documents