IEVref:901-06-10ID: 901-06-10
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: taking over an international standard, <in a national normative document>
Definition: publication of a national normative document based on a relevant international standard, or endorsement of the international standard as having the same status as a national normative document, with any deviations from the international standard identified

Note 1 to entry: The term “adoption” is sometimes used to cover the same concept as “taking over”, e.g. “adoption of an international standard in a national standard”.

Note 2 to entry: A normative document can be said to be “implemented” in two different ways. It may be applied in production, trade, etc., and it may be taken over, wholly or in part, in another normative document. Through the medium of this second document, it may then be applied, or it may again be taken over in yet another normative document.

Publication date:2013-11
SourceISO/IEC Guide 2:2004, 10.1, modified – The note from the title of Clause 10 in ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004 has been added to the entry. The parenthetical expression following the term has been transferred to the term attribute "specific use".
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Domain2:Harmonization and implementation of normative documents