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Term: telecommunication circuit
Synonym1: communication channel
Synonym2: channel
Definition: combination of two transmission channels permitting transmission in both directions between two points

Note 1 to entry: If the telecommunication is by nature unidirectional, e.g. long-distance television transmission, the term “circuit” is sometimes used to designate the single transmission channel providing the facility, but this usage is deprecated.

Note 2 to entry: In some countries the term “communication channel” or its abbreviation “channel” is used to mean “telecommunication circuit”, i.e. to encompass the two directions of transmission. This usage is deprecated.

Note 3 to entry: The adjective "telecommunication" can be replaced by an adjective indicating the nature or characteristics of the transmitted signals; for example, telephone circuit, telegraph circuit, data circuit, digital circuit.

Note 4 to entry: Characteristics of the transmission channels such as frequency bandwidth, or digit rate, can be different in the two directions of transmission.

Note 5 to entry: In telephony, usage of the term “telephone circuit” is generally limited to a telecommunication circuit directly connecting two switching centres.

Note 6 to entry: In switching, the two transmission channels associated in a telecommunication circuit can be: a) permanently associated together; b) selected from separate sets for association together throughout a call; c) selected from time to time during a call and then released, the selection and release processes being determined, separately in the two directions, by the varying characteristics of the information being transmitted over the telecommunication circuit.

Publication date:2016-12
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