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Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: matrix
Definition: array of mn scalars arranged in m rows and n columns

Note 1 to entry: The scalars in the array are called elements of the matrix.

Note 2 to entry: The matrix notation is also used with scalar quantities instead of scalars, these quantities being not necessarily of the same kind. Examples are the impedance matrix and the H-matrix (see IEC 60027-2). A matrix notation is sometimes used for operators. This should be justified in each case.

Note 3 to entry: A matrix is represented by a letter symbol in italic bold-face type or by the table of elements within parentheses: A or ( A 11 A 1n A m1 A mn ) MathType@MTEF@5@5@+= feaagKart1ev2aqatCvAUfeBSjuyZL2yd9gzLbvyNv2CaerbbjxAHX garuavP1wzZbItLDhis9wBH5garmWu51MyVXgarqqtubsr4rNCHbGe aGqk0di9Wr=fpeei0di9v8qiW7rqqrVepeea0xe9LqFf0xc9q8qqaq Fn0lXdHiVcFbIOFHK8Feea0dXdar=Jb9hs0dXdHuk9fr=xfr=xfrpe WZqaaeaaciWacmGadaGadeaabaGaaqaaaOqaamaabmaabaqbaeqabm WaaaqaaKqzafGaamyqaOWaaSbaaSqaaKqzGdGaaGymaiaaigdaaSqa baaakeaacqWIVlctaeaajugqbiaadgeakmaaBaaaleaajug4aiaaig dacaWGUbaaleqaaaGcbaGaeSO7I0eabaGaeSy8I8eabaGaeSO7I0ea baqcLbuacaWGbbGcdaWgaaWcbaqcLboacaWGTbGaaGymaaWcbeaaaO qaaiabl+UimbqaaKqzafGaamyqaOWaaSbaaSqaaKqzGdGaamyBaiaa d6gaaSqabaaaaaGccaGLOaGaayzkaaaaaa@5706@ . The notation (Aij) is also used, for example to distinguish the matrix A from a vector A. Square brackets are also used instead of parentheses. For a matrix A, the element at the row i and the column j may be denoted by (A)ij or by Aij if there is no ambiguity.

Note 4 to entry: A matrix is complex if its elements are complex numbers or quantities. A complex matrix may be denoted by A, the elements by (A)ij or (A)ij.

Publication date:2008-08
Internal notes:2017-02-20: Editorial revisions in accordance with the information provided in C00019 (IEV 102) - evaluation. JGO
2017-08-24: Corrected the order of </i> and </sub> tags. LMO
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