IEVref:903-03-01ID: 903-03-01
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: hot functional surface
Definition: surface that is intentionally heated by an internal heat source and that has to be hot to carry out the function for which the equipment is intended to be used

EXAMPLE Curling tongs, the soleplate of an iron and the heater of a copy machine each has a hot functional surface.

Note 1 to entry: Some equipment has hot surfaces as a consequence of how they generate their output, (for example, lamps within a luminaire or the heater of a copy machine), and these surfaces are considered, in terms of their treatment, as equivalent to a hot functional surface.

Publication date:2013-06
SourceIEC Guide 117:2010, 3.5, modified – The examples in NOTE 1 have been transferred to an Example. NOTE 2 has been renumbered to Note 1 to entry.
Internal notes:2013-08-15: In the source "exemple" replaced by "Exemple" for consistency with the English. JGO
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Domain1:Risk assessment
Domain2:Hot surfaces of electrical equipment