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IEVref:903-01-11ID: 903-01-11
Language:enStatus: Standard
Term: residual risk
Definition: risk remaining after protective measures have been taken

NOTE Sometimes it is possible that tolerable risk is already achieved by applying step 1 or steps 1 and 2.

Figure 1 – Principle of safety integration

Note 1 to entry: IEC Guide 116 distinguishes:

  • the residual risk after protective measures have been taken by the designer;
  • the residual risk remaining after all protective measures have been implemented by the user.

[ISO/IEC Guide 51:1999, definition 3.9, modified]

Publication date:2013-06
Source:IEC Guide 116:2010, 3.12, modified – The text "(see also Figure 1)" has been replaced by Figure 1. In the Note to entry, "This IEC Guide" has been replaced by "IEC Guide 116".
Internal notes:2013-08-15: The NOTE has been transferred between the figure and its title (cf 903-01-20). In the source, "Note" has been replaced by "Note to entry". The figure title has been put in bold. JGO

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Domain1:Risk assessment
Domain2:Safety and risk reduction